Cancellation policy:

You must not cancel any order you have placed with us except by giving us reasonable notice in writing. If you fail to do this, your order will not be cancelled and you will be obliged to pay for it.

Return and refund policy:

All Goods should be examined upon delivery at case level prior to being signed for and must be signed for upon delivery/collection. You are expected to retain one copy of the receipt note which you sign.

In the event that upon delivery You discover damaged Goods, Goods that appear to have been tampered with, shortages or an incorrect delivery, you may return such Goods to Us on the vehicle in which they were delivered. The annotations or alterations should be noted in the driver’s credit request book (and agreed with our driver). A copy of which should be retained by you. Upon receipt and checking of returns a credit note will be issued. Damaged goods must be returned in their original, unmarked packaging. All cages and tanks must be checked at time of delivery.