F&J Arpino is one of the leading wholesalers for household products online, including products for baby care, personal care, medical & hygiene needs, electrical, kitchenware and much more.


F&J Arpino is a company based in the United Kingdom, established on September 05, 1973. It is the largest online and offline based retailer in London and servicing in Ghana. The activity of wholesaling shapes our economy as well as our daily lives. Consumers and Business purchase products and services according to their needs. But our familiarity with shopping often leads us to take the toiletries and wholesale sectors for granted.

Our business is not like the typical Cash & Carry which most people will be familiar. We get customers who often buy container worth of products. Our trolleys never run empty. Customers scurry around our warehouse for days as we offer best prices like never found for buying wholesale products in London and servicing in Ghana.

F&J Arpino business depends on a dedicated team of checkout operators who process items efficiently and keep their invoice ready for payment at the central office. We have the most efficient and time saving process, which helps reduce the pile ups of customer queues at the warehouse.